Why You Should Join

One-Stop Gallery of Expertise

Since our formation we have grown steadily and members represent many of the key business services, but not all of them!

We are always looking for new members with a slightly different set of skills who can contribute to the group and who will also benefit from the group.   Over the years we have had an expert in dispute resolution, an organisation that prepares you for dealing with the media, a driving instructor and a personal trainer. We have often been surprised by how many different types of business there are.

Even if you think your area of expertise might be covered, do come along and see us – we have close ties with other independent networking groups and might be able to point you in their direction if your area is covered by an existing member.

Cross Reference is not all business. There’s a social side too. Throughout the year we arrange various events to help take our minds off things. Such as a day at the races, an evening of entertainment or even a weekend away – maybe on foreign soil.




Just drop us an E-Mail, and we’ll make sure you get a great “Cross Reference” Welcome