What You Can Expect

A positive way to make your business grow

Networking is a skill and like all skills you need to practice to be good at it. At Cross Reference we try to provide a friendly, unpressured environment in which to get to know members and their businesses. We try to offer new members hints on what we have found works best.

Some networking groups expect new members to bring along leads immediately. We do not think this is realistic. We do not expect recommendations to be made until the member has had a chance to really understand the services that fellow members are offering. We see no point in pressuring people for referrals – they end up being bad referrals which nobody wants.

With a mixture of training and practice we can ensure that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Not only do our own businesses benefit from the process but those of our associates do as well. We all have a portfolio of businesses which we feel confident about recommending to others.

The net result is that each of us has a group of other people promoting our services and we each in turn, promote the services of other non competing businesses.

Furthermore members of the group become trusted advisers and mentors. We all have a pride in seeing member businesses develop and grow.

The result is more business with increased confidence plus new friends and contacts.


Principles of Cross Reference

In general, we like to know who we’re going to do business with before we commit. And the better we know them, the happier we are. Which is why Cross Reference works so well.

Members attend the fortnightly group meetings regularly.  They also make an effort to meet outside of the group for regular face to face sessions aimed at learning more about each other’s businesses and discovering ways in which they can help each other grow and develop as successful businesses going forward.   It is this commitment, both to develop your business network and the group’s inclusive identity, which gives Cross Reference membership its sense of purpose.

We work at it simply because, over time, we have discovered that really successful groups nurture a sense of belonging and mutual trust which only happens once members understand their Cross Reference colleagues and the businesses they are in. A confident group of members who understand each other can provide an evolving network of profitable business.

Just drop us an E-Mail, and we’ll make sure you get a great “Cross Reference” welcome